NCRRN Electrical Stimulation in Neurologic Rehabilitation Symposium

A Symposium Sponsored by:
The Neuro-Cognitive Rehabilitation Research Network (NCRRN) and
The Center for Experimental Neurorehabilitation Training (CENT)

June 5 - 6, 2009, Philadelphia PA

Overview of Techniques - including discussion of basic science

TMS (PDF: 4.7mb / 58 pages)

Transcranial Electrical Stimulation: tDCS, tACS, tRNS (3.7MB Powerpoint)

Discussion (PDF: 29kb / 2 pages)
Edwards [Recorder: Kessler]

Applications to Rehabilitation: Sensory and Motor Function

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) as a predictor of motor recovery and treatment to enhance recovery of motor function (PDF: 1.8mb / 35 pages)

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (TDCS) (4.3MB Powerpoint)

Discussion (PDF: 15kb / 1 pages)
Cohen [Recorders: Fecteau / Oberman]

Applications to Rehabilitation I

Language (PDF: 10MB / 68 pages)

Additional Domains: Pain, vision, seizures, etc: Fregni
Presentation 1 (8.3MB Powerpoint)
Presentation 2 (29MB Powerpoint)

Discussion (PDF: 34kb / 3 pages)
Hamilton [Recorders: Carter/Thothathiri]

Electrical Stimulation and Rehabilitation: Where do we go from here?

Introduction of issues: Study designs, subject selection, outcome measures, reality constraints (5.3MB Powerpoint)

Discussion of study design decisions made by participating researchers, issues that others may confront (PDF: 25kb / 3 pages)
Whyte [Recorders: Li / Martin]

Applications to Rehabilitation II

Frontal/Executive Functions (PDF: 3mb / 56 pages)

Neglect / Attention (5.6MB Powerpoint)

Discussion (PDF: 17kb / 2 pages)
Walsh [Recorders: Medina/Wencil]

Applications to Rehabilitation: Sensory and Motor Function

Breakout sessions to generate Specific Proposals [Recorders: Dawson, Tobita, Turkeltaub, Wiener, van Steenberg]

Language (PDF: 18kb / 2 pages)
Schwartz, Naeser

Attention (PDF: 57kb / 2 pages)
Hamilton, Buxbaum

Motor (PDF: 18kb / 2 pages)
Celnik, Cohen

Other topics by popular demand (PDF: 19kb / 2 pages)

Presentations of Proposals and group discussion (PDF: 21kb / 4 pages)
[Recorders: Shomstein/Mayer]