NCRRN Neuroimaging in the Study of Neural Recovery and Rehabilitation Symposium

June 1 and June 2, 2007

Imaging Symposium Program (PDF: 225kb / 2 pages)

Methods for Assessing Structural Connectivity: DTI (PDF: 223kb / 2 pages)
Facilitators: Newton, Seitz
Summarizer(s) of Discussion: Marquez de la Plata

Methods for Assessing Functional Connectivity: TMS, ERP, MEG, Statistical Analyses (PDF: 235kb / 3 pages)
Facilitators: Small, Cohen
Summarizer(s) of Discussion: Mayer/Perez

Imaging Pharmacologic Modulation of Neural Activity in Diffuse Brain Injury (w/emphasis on frontal systems): BOLD & Perfusion MRI, ERP, MEG (PDF: 238kb / 3 pages)
Facilitators: Chollet, Whyte
Summarizer(s) of Discussion: Chen

Clarifying Attentional Mechanisms and Studying Neurologic Attention Deficits (PDF: 237kb / 4 pages)
Facilitators: Sapir, Coslett
Summarizer(s) of Discussion: Arenth

Functional neuroimaging within hours and days after stroke or brain injury (PDF: 242kb / 5 pages)
Facilitators: Hillis, Marshall
Summarizer(s) of Discussion: Kurland

Serial neuroimaging over time (PDF: 226kb / 4 pages)
Facilitators: Detre, Wise
Summarizer(s) of Discussion: McCombe-Waller

Neuroimaging as a physiological marker to guide a strategy for rehabilitation (PDF: 244kb / 4 pages)
Facilitators: Cramer, Dobkin
Summarizer(s) of Discussion: Cirstea

General discussion (PDF: 230kb / 2 pages)
Facilitators: Schwartz, Ward
Summarizer(s) of Discussion: Jax/Shomstein